The Importance of SEO In Today’s Search Engines

The Importance of SEO In Today’s Search Engines

What Importance Does SEO play On A Website?

Some business owners are obsessed with SEO, even hiring specialists to do just that. But how important is it, really? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and while that sounds complicated, it’s actually fairly simple. It’s making sure your online content will be easily found by anyone. Think of how many times you put in questions, names, words or phrases in Google, and an endless list of websites pop out. It means that those websites are more or less “SEO-friendly”. Why else is it important for your website to as SEO-friendly as those at the top rank?

1. It delivers your website to your target audience.

– Whether you’re a thriving startup or a big business, there is very little point to having online content if no one can find you, thus not giving you the business that you hoped to get. SEO will help your website increase your business’s visibility and branding to more customers, if done right. Making your website SEO-friendly will help your target audience find you, and hopefully, turn them into frequent visitors and loyal customers.

2. You’ve got to beat the competition.

– There are thousands of new websites that go live everyday, and you have to compete with all of them for a reader’s attention. Since there are certain keywords that are put in by a particular searcher, all of the websites that are delivered are more or less offer the same service or product, so you have to make sure that you’re one of the first ones the searcher finds and clicks on.

3. You’ve got to reach the top rank.

– Getting your website up on the top of the search list is a major advantage. Think about it: Unless you’re in major research (or stalking) mode, you only click on the first few websites that come out in the search. Google ranks the sites that come out in the initial search using several factors, but you know you’ve made it if you’re part of the top 10 websites that come out of that search. Getting at the top of the list, or on the top rank by a mix of SEO robots, algorithms, the searcher’s preferences—but SEO does a lot of the work.

4. You need the click-throughs.

– A click-through means that a searcher was able to find your website via a successful search, sees a link to your website, and clicks on it. When the number of click-throughs is high, it means that there are a lot of searchers (aka potential customers) who were able to find your content, and there’s more traffic in you website. Just watch out for the bounce rate!

5. It’s a more cost-effective way of marketing.

– It’s a fairly inexpensive way to market your business, especially if you compare it to how expensive it is to mount your own ad campaign, or more reliable than, say, PPC (pay per clicks), or relying on your social media presence to do your marketing for you.

Just like anything, SEO is forever changing, but its efficiency and importance is undeniable. Any website worth its salt must at least give it a try.


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